Social Stories (COVID-19)

September 15, 2020

Dear PS/IS 217 Families,

In a previous email we shared that contained supports for ways to help children with mask wearing and hand washing while in school. We would like to continue to provide supports to facilitate the transition into hybrid learning.

During a standard reopening, the first days and weeks of school can bring on worries and fears to any student’s mind. The concerns that COVID-19 bring can make these feelings feel even more scary and uncertain. Social stories can help us understand these changes and uncertainties through a story.

In this email we are sharing a list of social stories that will help students engage with the uncertainties of in person learning during the pandemic. These stories may lend themselves to better understand why we have to take certain measures so we can all stay safe. The list below has grade suggestions, as always, you know your child best and can choose accordingly.

(Click on links to access the files.)

  1. We’re Going to be OK! By: Dr. Ebony Jade Hilton (lower grades)

  2. A COVID-19 Social Story, By: Ayodele Jones (lower grades)

  3. A Book About COVID-19 (English & Spanish), By: Malia Jones (upper grades)

  4. Wearing A Mask: A 217 Social Story, By: Sara Lowy (all grades)

217 now has an original social story! This story shares what our staff and some students look like with masks on! We encourage all families to read through and find teachers and staff members they know! All of these stories can be accessed on the school’s website!

Lastly, We are sharing an activity for students that may help with encouraging mask wearing. Decorate your own mask! This will allow students to have ownership of the process and even pick a stuffed animal friend that can wear it at home.

We continue to stand united with you in the task of getting ready for a safe and secure reopening of our school building for the 2020/2021 school year. We are here to help! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


217 Administration & Staff