HIGH SCHOOL Application

(for Grade 8 Students)

Even though the school year just began, we are already speeding into the high school application period. On October 5th, eighth grade students received their Round 1 High School applications. Completed Round 1 applications must be returned to Ms. Eldridge by December 1, 2017. Between now and then, there will be high school fairs and school tours/open houses. Depending on the schools in which your child may be interested, there may also be tests, auditions, interviews, portfolios, and writing exercises that your child will have to complete in order to be considered for admission at their schools of interest.

High Schools and Admissions Criteria

Different high schools have different admissions criteria and therefore, fall within different categories. The categories include:

  • Screened: A student’s entire record, including attendance/punctuality and 7th grade state exam scores and end of year averages, are reviewed. Priority is given to students who fall within the ranges of the specific school’s identified admissions criteria.
  • Limited Unscreened: Priority is given to students who sign in at a high school fair or at a school’s open house/information session.
  • Ed. Opt.: Seats are reserved by ELA category (16% low, 68% middle, 16% high).
  • Test: Students must take an exam and admission is based on the student’s test score.
  • Audition: Students must attend an audition. Admission is based on the audition as well as a review of the student’s record.

The Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) and Laguardia High School Auditions

This year, the SHSAT is being offered on October 26, October 27, November 2, or November 17. LaGuardia will be offering auditions for their various studios in November. In order to receive an SHSAT testing ticket (and take the SHSAT exam) and/or audition at LaGuardia, students must complete the SHSAT/LaGuardia pre-registration survey and return the signed and dated form to Ms. Eldridge by October 10th.

Citywide High School Fair

The Citywide HS fair was held on the weekend of September 16th and 17th.

Borough High School Fairs

In addition to the Citywide HS fair, each individual borough holds their own HS fair. Borough HS fairs will be held on the weekend of October 14th and 15th from 11am-3pm. You must RSVP for an arrival time. To RSVP, visit the DOE’s High School Admissions Calendar.

High School Tours and Open Houses

High Schools will be offering tours and open houses on various dates in October and November. To learn more about tours and open houses, visit school websites and/or consult the DOE’s High School Admissions Calendar.

Helpful Links:

Class of 2017 High Schools

Last year’s graduating class received offers from the following high schools:

  • Bard High School
  • Brooklyn Technical High School
  • Cathedral High School
  • Harvest Collegiate High School
  • Holy Cross High School
  • John Jay School for Law
  • Long Island City High School
  • Lower Manhattan Arts Academy
  • Manhattan Early College School for Advertising
  • Marte Valle High School
  • New Design High School
  • Quest to Learn
  • Science Skills Center High School for Science, Technology, and the Creative Arts
  • Talent Unlimited High School
  • Union Square Academy for Health Sciences
  • Unity Center for Urban Technologies
  • Urban Assembly - Gateway for Technology
  • Urban Assembly - Maker Academy
  • Urban Assembly - New York Harbor School

Fast Facts About Last Year’s Graduating Class:

  • 47% Received offers from their 1st choice
  • 68% Received offers from one of their top 3 choices
  • 74% Received offers from one of their top 5 choices

For additional information, contact Ms. Eldridge (keldridge@schools.nyc.gov).

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