2020-2021 School Supply Lists

September 2020

Dear 217 Families,

Every elementary school student will receive a grade-specific math tool kit purchased by the PTA. Additional school supplies for In-School learning for all grades will be purchased by the PTA. Please contribute to the PTA to support the school.

To minimize the amount of items traveling to and from the school, all students, including those who will be attending school in person, will need to purchase additional supplies to Keep At Home. See the list below. You may consider getting a bin or crate to store these supplies, additional folders, pencil boxes, and other supplies for organization. If possible, set a designated work space for your child at home.

All students attending school are required to wear face masks and bring in personal water bottles filled for the day. Your child may wish to change their mask during the school day, so you may want to send in an additional mask. Any child who forgets their mask, will be provided one by the school.

All donations to the PTA In-School learning wish list are very much appreciated! Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to seeing you soon virtually and/or in-person.

-217 Staff