When preparing classroom placements for the school year, a great deal of thought and effort is put in by the staff. Our goal is to create classrooms that balance gender, ethnicity, academic strengths and challenges, learning styles, behaviors, special needs, native languages, and maturity as well as peer relationships. We know and value that all of our teachers have different strengths and our school works collaboratively. Parents are encouraged to share their opinions of their child’s educational needs, learning styles, or any other helpful information to the assigned teacher.

Notification of Teacher Assignments:

Teacher assignments for the new school year are mailed by USPS to home addresses on file in the week prior to the school start date. We know this can be a challenging transition for many students and families, however to avoid giving your incorrect teacher names/classroom assignments, we wait until just prior to the DOE start date. Please ensure you notify the school of changes to mailing addresses by the end of the prior school year.

Please note the same amount of time and care is devoted to teacher assignments by the administration in collaboration with the teaching staff. We strive to create strong grade level teams in order to balance areas of expertise and teaching experience, and maintain cohesive practices.