Behavior Guidelines are available in detail in the Citywide Discipline Code book. Infractions of any NYCDOE Behavioral Guidelines, depending on the level of severity, will result in interventions. These interventions can include, but are not limited to, parent/guardian conferences, in-school action and/or demotion, Principal/Regional Suspension, and/ or agency interventions.

Removal from class, and suspensions are all consequences for the following behavior:

  • Cutting classes
  • Leaving the classroom, visiting other classes, or being in the hallways/locker-room/bathroom without teacher’s written permission
  • Disrupting instruction repeatedly after warnings
  • Vandalism
  • Recurring use of profane, obscene or abusive language which disrupts instruction
  • Recurring insubordination (i.e., yelling at teacher, classmates)
  • Aggressive behavior towards classmates
  • Directing profane language or threats towards a staff member or classmate
  • Leaving the school building and/or school yard during the school day unaccompanied by a designated adult
  • Engaging in horseplay, altercation, and/or physically aggressive behavior which creates a substantial risk or results in injury
  • Fighting, hitting, slapping, or kicking any staff member, volunteer, or parent in the building or on school property including the streets which border our school
  • Bringing items that may be considered or resemble a weapon to school
  • Bringing anything that may result in flame or some other harmful situation (i.e., matches, lighter, cigarettes, caps, stink bombs, etc.)