The school day ends promptly at 2:45 p.m. Due to staff meetings and after-school commitments, it is essential that you are on time for pick up. The yard gate will open at 2:40 p.m. for pick up. Any student who is not picked up on time will be brought to the main office. Documentation of late pick up will be kept in the office late log. Parents must sign their child out from the late log. It is within the school’s right to contact ACS if a student has been picked up late more than 3 times. This can be interpreted as a form of educational neglect.

Students can only legally be released to persons listed on the blue card unless other notification has been received in writing. Verbal consent cannot be honored. All Pre-K to Grade 5 families must complete and return a dismissal sheet for their child during the first week of school. All changes in dismissal information, such as a playdate or change in pick-up person on a particular day, must be provided, in writing, prior to the start of the school day. Please do not call the school unless it is an emergency. If your child participates in Beacon or Island Kids, this must be indicated on your school dismissal form. Your child will be dismissed to the Beacon program or Island Kids program according to their procedures.

Please exit the building as quickly as possible following dismissal for safety and security purposes.

Pre-K: Students will be picked up from their classroom. Please enter at the yard gate from Main Street.

Grades K3: Students will be picked up from the school yard. Students will be in line with their class. Approved persons should line up and sign out their child from the classroom teacher.

Grade 48: Students will be dismissed out the side exit. Please do not enter the building if you are picking up a child in Grade 4-8. If a student in Grade 4-8 is picking up a sibling, they will cross the office hallway to exit into the school yard. Grades 4-8 students must be on the Blue Card in order to sign out a younger sibling.

Students/parents/guardians are not permitted to return to the classroom after dismissal for any forgotten items due to safety protocols.

NOTE: For safety and security as well as confidentiality, teachers are unable to provide reports on individual students or conference with you at dismissal.