Arrival (COVID-19)

School begins at 8:30am. Students should be in their lines by 8:25am to begin entering following our social distance protocol with their teacher.

Anyone arriving after their class line enters school will need to go to the Main Entrance. There will be one line (when facing the building to the right of the main doors). This line will be for students without a completed health screening or late students. We will begin allowing this line to enter at 8:45am.

Mandatory Health Screening

A mandatory health screening must be completed DAILY prior to students arriving at school. This can be completed on a smartphone and shown to staff or on a computer and printed to give to staff. We are also able to provide paper copies to a family unable to print and/or has siblings in different arrival locations. Each family will be provided with a thermometer from the DOE. Students may use their phones to show the screening to staff and then turn the phone off for the day and keep their phone in their backpack.

If you arrive at school without a completed health form for your child or a student arriving on their own arrives without a form, either on a phone, print out or handwritten one completed at home, you will need to wait to enter school until arrival procedures are completed that morning, at approximately 8:45am. You will use the Main entrance to the school forming a line (when facing the school to the right side.) You will be provided a paper form at the door to complete and your child’s temperature will be taken, beginning at 8:45am, after arrival has been completed.

Arrival/Dismissal Maps